suea pat2 avaThe Laotian women’s attire is lovely and feminine. The most interesting thing about it is probably the hairdo and hair accessories, but we’ll get to this topic in future paragraphs. In this post, let’s take a look at the traditional shirt worn by Lao ladies. It is called a “suea pat” or “suea pai”, has a rather distinctive Asian design, and is used today as ceremonial wear. By the way, you can tell the ethnic origin of a woman by her suea pat, if it’s tailored properly, of course.

salong avaLao men dress in the national outfit for various special occasions, like weddings, national celebrations, ceremonies, contests, and similar events. The male costume of Laos looks charming. It can be as colorful and bright as women’s attire, with plenty of decorative elements and accessories – forget about black pants and a white shirt! Lao folk trousers called “salong” can be pink, green, blue, red, burgundy, yellow, brown, etc. Besides, the design of these traditional pants is very interesting and Asian-style.

Sinh avaThe Lao traditional skirt called “sinh” is a wrap-around tube of skirt made of silk, cotton & silk, or cotton only. Most of the sinhs have special patterns woven directly into the fabric or embroidered on it. They reflect the culture and beliefs of different ethnic communities. There isn’t much information about this traditional garment because people did not record the very beginning of this folk skirt’s history. But let’s try to find out as much as possible about it.