salong avaLao men dress in the national outfit for various special occasions, like weddings, national celebrations, ceremonies, contests, and similar events. The male costume of Laos looks charming. It can be as colorful and bright as women’s attire, with plenty of decorative elements and accessories – forget about black pants and a white shirt! Lao folk trousers called “salong” can be pink, green, blue, red, burgundy, yellow, brown, etc. Besides, the design of these traditional pants is very interesting and Asian-style.

The folk trousers worn by Lao men are called “salong”. This is a festive garment. Modern people in Laos dress in our usual Western-style clothes in daily life, but for special occasions, they wear Lao traditional costumes, which include (for men) a colorful shirt or jacket with a stand-up collar, salong trousers, a belt or sash, knee-length white socks, shoes, and an accessory called “pha biang” (a long piece of silk draped over one shoulder and the torso).

Actually, the salong aren’t ordinary trousers. It is, basically, a large piece of fabric artfully draped around the lower body of a man. There are many different methods of draping it, depending on the region, taste, skill, and so on. The salong is a square piece of cloth, about 4-5 meters wide and long. It is tied around the waist, the fabric is put between the legs, and the ends are tucked at the lower back. But that’s to explain it very simplified. When you look at these trousers, there’s nothing simple about them – they’re elaborately draped trousers, often with a decorative border at the bottom.

The length of salong can vary from the knee to the ankles.

The fabric used to make salong pants is silk or cotton or even synthetic fibers (for modern salong). It can be either plain or patterned. Usually, there is a woven design on the edge of the fabric. And these patterns are often symbolic and traditional, but modern salong designers started to incorporate fashionable contemporary patterns as well.

The color of salong depends on the occasion and taste of the wearer. For example, wedding salong will differ from funeral salong, etc.

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