Kafshi chubin avaCentral Asian countries take pride in their traditional footwear, and rightfully so because these shoes are so ornate, decorative, and comfy. Most people around the world know little to nothing about the folk costume of Tajikistan, including Tajik traditional shoes. It’s time to fix this, as Tajik folk footwear looks really unusual and curious. Here are the 3 most popular and offbeat Tajik folk shoes for any occasion.

Tajikistan avaTajikistan is one of the Central Asian countries with a rich culture and centuries-old traditions, including the clothing traditions and folk crafts. The outfits worn by local men and women in the past were flamboyant, multilayered, and beautifully adorned. It’s a pity, these costumes are so rarely used in daily life now – only such simpler pieces like a skull-cap or kerchief are still worn by a lot of Tajiks. Also, the local women sometimes wear modified folk dresses – they are made from the same fabric with the same patterns on it, though the design may be pretty contemporary. But let’s learn more about the authentic Tajik clothing.

Tajik embroidery avaEmbroidering is one of the favorite and most popular folk crafts in Tajikistan. Locals embellish their national clothing, traditional textile, and decorative carpets found in almost any house with embroidery. For instance, Tajik embroidered wall carpets called “suzane” is an ancient-old tradition in this country. The craftswomen use silk and cotton threads, gold and silver threads, gems, etc. Similar patterns and techniques are also used to decorate folk clothes and accessories. So, here you are some photos of Tajik traditional embroidery designs.