Kira avaWomen in Bhutan wear modest and elegant clothing. And the main garment is called the “kira”. It is an ankle-long woven and stitch fabric dress worn by the local women. Let’s see how to put the kira and other elements of Bhutanese traditional costume on. Including typical Bhutanese jewelry pieces. The cut and design of various traditional clothing articles of Bhutan are rather unique, you can see some common features in these garments.

First, one puts on the wonju, a long-sleeved blouse.




Then, the kira is wrapped around the body. The ends are pinned at both shoulders with a koma, a pair of beautiful brooches. They are embellished with traditional designs and intricate patterns.






The kera, a fabric sash, for men and women are different in style. Male keras have a simpler design and fewer colors in the weave, while women’s kera can be very ornate.





Then comes the tego, a long-sleeved short jacket. It is worn over the kira.




The dhopchuu is a traditional Bhutanese-style bracelet. This particular bracelet is of an antique design, made from gold and silver, with turquoise in it.




The rachu is woven in different intricate patterns and worn by Bhutanese women with kiras. The rachu is a long and narrow piece of fabric adorned with embroidery. It is worn thrown over one shoulder.




Wearing the kabney or rachu is essential in any official place or place of worship as it signifies respect by the wearer.

By the way, a kabney is a silk scarf worn by men with a gho, male folk dress. It is the analog of female rachu.





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