A ZTraditional pieces of the male and female national costumes in Serbia: aljina, anterija, bojce, bošča, caksire, djudica, dolama, džemadan, fermen, fez, fistan, fute, grudniak, gunj, gunjic, jelek, kabanica, kece, konda, libada, litak, manovil, nazuvice, oglavja, opanci, pamuklija, pelengiri, pregace, šajkača cap, salvare, šamija, silav, šubara, sukman, tepeluk, tkanica, trabolos, trvelji, vutara, zaprega, and zubun.


Aljina – female winter overcoat with sleeves.

Anterija – traditional women’s robe. Usually, it is a long robe that widens to the bottom. It has long sleeves and often is richly embellished with embroidery, patterns on the fabric, and applique. Sometimes, the name “anterija” is used for a short jacket with long sleeves.

Bojce – traditional Serbian short female skirt.

Bošča – female front apron. Young girls usually wear it alone, while married women add another apron at the back.

Caksire – folk male breeches. They are comparatively tight and made from woolen cloth.

Djudica – traditional women’s vest.

Dolama – men’s ornate long overcoat. It often has a beautifully decorated front.

Džemadan – traditional male vest made from black or white woolen cloth or red felt. It is waist-length and has overlapping fronts.

Fermen – men’s vest open in the front.

Fez – red felt skull-cap used in the countries that once were under the Ottoman rule.

Fistan – female long dress.

Fute – Serbian women’s woven skirt.

Grudniak – traditional female bodice with a high neckline, sometimes adorned with fur. This garment is often used by older women.

Gunj – unisex winter coat made from dark woolen cloth.

Gunjic – men’s short winter waistcoat open at the front.

Jelek – short female vest hooked or laced at the front, with a lot of embellishments. The color is usually black or red. Young girls use a jelek with a low neckline (it serves as a bustier and emphasizes the curvy shapes) while older women wear a jelek with much higher neckline.

Kabanica – male long cloak or raincoat.

Kece – male headdress; white woolen cap.

Konda – folk women’s headdress. It is a cap tied under the chin and often worn with a kerchief on top.

Libada – traditional female short jacket.

Litak – women’s upper garment; sleeveless dress. The other names for it are “manovil” and “sukman”.

Manovil – women’s upper garment; sleeveless dress. The other names for it are “litak” and “sukman”.

Nazuvice – unisex knitted toe-warmer worn over the shoes; they cover only the front side of the feet.

Oglavja – female traditional headdress.

Opanci – peasant leather shoes. They are handmade, have soft soles, and are tied to the feet with leather straps.

Pamuklija – Serbian traditional quilted jacket. It was used by both men and women.

Pelengiri – wide male trousers made from woolen cloth.

Pregace – women’s apron embellished with a floral pattern.

Šajkača cap – Serbian traditional male headdress. It is a cap made from dark homemade cloth. This hat is worn mostly in the rural areas and often by elderly men.

Salvare – wide female trousers used in some regions of Serbia.

Šamija – large scarf worn by women over the fez.

Silav – men’s traditional leather belt with pockets.

Šubara – male folk headdress; fur cap.

Sukman – women’s upper garment; sleeveless dress. The other names for it are “manovil” and “litak”.

Tepeluk – festive female headdress.

Tkanica – Serbian traditional woven belt.

Trabolos – colorful male silk sash.

Trvelji – folk headdress used by married women of Serbia. It consists of two plaits made by weaving woolen strands together. These plaits are woven into the hair and fold by the ears.

Vutara – long female skirt open at the front.

Zaprega – short women’s skirt open at the front.

Zubun – long female sleeveless jacket. It is often richly decorated with embroidery and applique.

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