dupatta avaEveryone knows that Indian traditional garments are incredibly elegant and ornate. Especially women’s outfits. A lot of people pass their festive and bridal clothing to their daughters and granddaughters. But no matter how embellished and well-preserved these pieces are, they still might look a bit old-fashioned. To avoid it, you can use some cunning tricks. How to make your heritage outfits look modern and fancy enough to wear them to a party or to your wedding? We have a few tips for you.

Women always come across those traditional heirloom pieces buried deep in their mother’s and grandmother’s closets that they can't quite seem to integrate into a modern look. And it’s a pity because Indian folk clothing pieces are gorgeous and deserve a second chance. You literally can't get your eyes off of all those sarees, dupattas, and lehengas. But, you know, you don’t have to leave the traditional garments in a closet forever – there are so many ways to re-imagine these items and give them a modern twist. They can become a part of your everyday, festive, or even wedding look.

An antique dupatta

Wear a traditional-weave dupatta (for instance, a Kanjivaram dupatta) with a modern skirt and crop top to give it a new twist. Add some shiny contemporary jewelry, and you’ll get a perfect 21st-century fusion.






The heirloom sari

In India, almost every girl inherits an heirloom sari from her family. They're the most versatile pieces because they could be draped in pretty much any fashion. To make your traditional sari look more up to date, pair it with a modern blouse.






If you're open to experimenting, old Banarasi and Kanjivaram sarees make for great floor-length Anarkali stew.


The old school lehenga

Lehengas are a great way to merge the old and the new. Just pair an heirloom lehenga with a modern blouse with contrasting work or with an interesting cut.






Sometimes, however, these heirloom pieces can get a little bit tattered, so you can apply the traditional motif on a rich fabric such as raw silk, jacquard, or brocade. This is an ideal look for a Sangeet function.


Modern palazzo’s

Palazzo pants are also back in vogue, especially when paired with traditional heirloom pieces. This is a look that everyone can find in a closet and it looks great for traditional wedding dinners and cocktails.






So, what are you waiting for? We hope now you’ll look at your mother's closet with a fresh set of eyes.

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