Mundu avaHave you ever showed your emotions or respect or personal ambition with your attire? Because Indian men often do that. For instance, by draping a mundu (men’s skirt-like garment) in a certain way, you can display your attitude to many things. Here, we’ve gathered several interesting facts about the mundu and its usage. This clothing article is very popular in India, so there are many peculiarities and rules for wearing it.


The mundu is a garment worn mostly by men in the South Indian state of Kerala. Basically, in India, there are several similar items – mundu, dhoti, sarong, and lungi. All of these pieces are wrap-around skirt-like garments. But today, we’re going to talk only about the mundu.





The mundu usually has a thick border lining called the “kara”. The kara comes in various colors.

How to wear a mundu. Tree easy steps

Step 1

Hold a mundu open with both hands.




Step 2

Take the end on the right-hand side and put it to your waistline. Repeat with the end on your left-hand side.





Step 3

Make sure the kara falls in such a way that the lining is visible till your torso.




Wearing mundu up or down

A mundu can also be worn by folding it in half and tying it up. This usually happens when men are involved in labor.




The mundu is also tied up to show manliness. Or just before making up a decision to run from a site of trouble.

It’s better not to have the mundu folded up while talking to the elders, as it’s a sign of disrespect.

A person should always be careful while wearing it since a mundu can fall off from inexperienced waistline.

A mundu can also be used to cover your face or the whole head if your reputation is not that cool in your hometown.




Alcohol can make a man tie his mundu on his head and sing terrific songs and abuses!

To sum it all up, a mundu is a simple piece of cloth, with which you can do a lot of things. This is a rather symbolic garment in India.


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