sari lehenga avaLehenga is a very beautiful Indian skirt used by many women in different regions of India. As you know, the national female garment in this country is the sari. And there are plenty of various ways of draping the sari. So, Indian women found out a way to combine the exquisiteness of sari and the feminine silhouette of lehenga. Both of these articles of clothing look pretty and elegant separately but combine them and you’ll get something really outstanding.

Lehenga is the Indian full-length skirt, embroidered and pleated. This skirt has an A-line silhouette and a full bottom. It is secured at the lower waist and leaves the lower back and midriff bare.

Use a can-can petticoat for added volume. The can-can petticoat for Indian sari is a petticoat that has a layer of stiff net and is often used with bridal sari and sari draped like lehenga (with plenty of flare for the bottom).


sari lehenga1


Make 2-inch pleats and tuck them from right to left.


sari lehenga2


Roughly place the pallu (loose end of sari) at the shoulder to ascertain the length.


sari lehenga3


Leave some fabric at the waist. Pin the border at the waist.


sari lehenga4


Pin the pallu at the shoulder and pleat the rest. Secure with a safety pin.


sari lehenga5

sari lehenga6


And it’s ready. Enjoy!


sari lehenga7

sari lehenga8

sari lehenga9



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