Sri Lankan sari avaHow much do you know about Sri Lankan traditional attire? The majority of people hardly know that sari and sarong are the most widespread folk garments in Sri Lanka. But not much more. We’ve prepared a few interesting facts about this country’s folk costume. The locals are lucky to have such comfy and good-looking folk clothing, suitable for the climate of Sri Lanka and pretty modest at the same time.


Fact #1

Sri Lankan women often wear sari for special occasions, like birthdays, Christmas, weddings, local holidays and festivities, etc. The majority of females try to buy a new sari for every festive event.

Fact #2

Sri Lankan men often dress only in a sarong and go topless, especially on very hot days. It’s totally normal to see a man without any upper garment in the street.

Fact #3

There are hundreds of ways to drape a sari. They differ according to the region of origin, occasion, color and pattern of the fabric, and so on. Sri Lankan women can be really creative with wearing their sari.

Fact #4

No safety pins or fasteners are needed to put on a sari. Some people try to fix the fabric with safety pins so that they were sure everything stays in place, but that’s wrong. The authentic and correct sari draping is without any pins, the ends should be loose and flowing.

Fact #5

Sri Lankan brides often prefer a Kandyan sari as wedding attire. Kandy is one of the biggest Sri Lankan cities and used to be the capital of the kingdom at some point. The Kandyan sari is a regal-looking and ornate garment, suitable for a bride.

Fact #6

The sari and sarong are very popular traditional garments in Sri Lanka but not the only ones. For example, there are such costumes as Lama Sariya (female attire: a fitted blouse with a large frill around the neck and a wrap-around skirt), Redda and Hatte (women’s outfit: a simple linen blouse with a long piece of cloth wrapped around the body), Jathika Anduma (male clothing: a long-sleeved blouse and a long sarong), and some other pieces.

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