Greek avaGreek traditional costumes are so charming that many outlanders have tried them on with pleasure during centuries. Kings and queens wore Greek folk outfits, celebrities, and, of course, ordinary tourists who are fascinated with Greek culture. We’ve gathered for you a few nice photos of different national costumes of Greece – male and female clothing, jewelry, etc. They will help you better understand this country and learn more about the Greek clothing tradition.

Greek men’s clothing

The male folk costume in Greece includes the traditional skirt-like garment called “fustanella”. It has 400 pleats symbolizing the 400 years, during which Greece was under Ottoman rule.




Also, men wear baggy pants called “vraka”, a white shirt, a sleeveless coat, a sash, a jacket, and a tasseled cap. Such an outfit is typical for the islands of Crete, Cyprus, Skyros, Lefkas, Corfu, Epirus region, and other areas.


Men’s folk attire from Crete


Male traditional costume from Cyprus


Men’s national outfit from Skyros


Male folk clothing from Corfu

Greek women’s clothing

The traditional outfit for women varies from region to region and highlights the social status of a person. The typical colorful and quite heavy embroidered wool coats and waistcoats are always accompanied with elaborate accessories.








Greek women wear beautiful jewelry pieces. Here are a few examples.






Outlanders wearing Greek national costume

The Greek attire had charmed a lot of foreign visitors who proudly adopted the Greek way of dressing shortly after their arrival in Greece. Here you are several photos of famous people who didn’t have a Greek origin but happily used the local outfits.


Oscar Wilde in Greek costume, Athens, 1877


Lord Byron in Greek dress, 1823


The royal prince of Bavaria, Otto, King of Greece, 1862


The Duchess of Oldenburg, Queen of Greece, Amalia, 1818-1875


Sir Richard Church, military officer in the British army, general in the Greek army during the last stages of the Greek Revolution after 1827 and elected politician in Greece, member of the Greek Parliament in 1843



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