Dirndl knot avaGuys, do you want to know for sure, which local girls are up for a flirt at the Oktoberfest? There’s one indication only Germans and Austrians know about. Just look at their Dirndl dress (female national costume of Germany and Austria): the knot on the apron shows the marital status of a woman. The knowledge will help you to avoid a fight with an enraged husband.

The placement of the knot on the apron of the dirndl is an indicator of the woman's marital status in Bavaria and Austria. These knots are hugely popular among young women at the time of a Volksfest, such as the Oktoberfest in Munich. Many young German women wear dirndl-style dresses with the knot at the right place.

Did you know that a Dirndl costume includes:

  • Dirndl-blouse with short puffy sleeves;
  • dress consisted of corsage and skirt;
  • colored pinafore (apron-like garment).


The tradition of indicating your marital status with an apron knot actually isn’t old and authentic. It is rather a modern and urbanistic tradition. But that means that Bavarian and Austrian youth uses it oftentimes. So, it’s an important thing single male tourists should know about.

And here goes the most interesting part of this article – the actual tips.


Bavaria Austria dress3


Tying the sash on the woman's left side indicates that she is single.

A knot tied on the right means that she is married, engaged, or otherwise not interested in dating.

If the ribbon is on the right side from your (woman’s) perspective means you are married or in a relationship.

If the ribbon is on the left side from your (woman’s) perspective, it means you are single.

Backside in the middle means that you are a widow (or waitress :) ).

Frontside in the middle is an old-fashioned way of saying you are a virgin.

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