Spadok7 avaTraditionally, Slavic maidens wore their hair uncovered until marriage and after the wedding, always used a kerchief, wimple, or another headdress. No married woman should have been seen by people outside of her closest family without some kind of head covering. Today, this tradition is long in the past. But we’d like to show you a lovely video of a married lady from Eastern Ukraine dressing in traditional costume step by step. She is proudly wearing the accessories indicating her marital status.

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The video is made by Ukrainian ethnic project “Spadok”

This national costume is from Luhansk region of Ukraine (eastern part of the country), the late 19th – early 20th century. It’s a festive outfit of a married woman worn on holidays, to the church, to a wedding, etc. She is wearing a long embroidered shirt with beautiful hand-embroidery, a skirt called “sharafan” pleated at the back, an embroidered apron called “zaviska”, leather shoes with lacing and sensible heels, a hand-woven sash, a velvet bodice with needlework, her hair is plaited in 2 braids that are arranged on top of the head (such a hairstyle kept the hair in place and out of the way), many rows of coral necklaces with silver beads and silver coins, a few rows of glass-beaded necklaces, a large traditional Ukrainian pendant called “dukach” with an ornate setting embellished with glass decorations, silver earrings made from Russian Empire coins (local currency at the time), and a large and vivid red&black kerchief. All the pieces of clothing are vintage and original.


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