male kimono avaIt’s not too difficult to put on a male kimono – the traditional Japanese costume. But still, you have to wear every piece of the outfit right to avoid being laughed at. Here are some hints from a native Japanese that will help you use the men’s kimono perfectly.

The first one is “juban” which is a kind of underwear. I got this from my grandfather, so the size is a little bit short. I wear this, check the length, and then – left side has to be outside – and then tie the waist-string (called “koshi-himo”).

The second one is the kimono. This is a kind of a shirt and pants in Western fashion. Check the length. The left side has to be outside, and you show the collar of your juban a little bit. Tie the string again.

And then – obi belt. Fold it, but you don't fold the back part, tighten it, roll it once again, fold it and tighten again. The left end has to be on top. Tighten it. Tie one more knot and tighten it. Turn the obi around, so the knot is at the back.

And then the next garment. This is “haori”. It's a kind of a jacket in Western fashion. You fold the collar on the back in half, and you fold all the collar on the front side. And then you put on the “haori-himo” which means a “jacket string”. You need it to keep the jacket in place.

It's done. This is how to put on a kimono.







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