embroidery-parade avaA great parade of national embroidered clothing was held in Ukraine. It became an important part of the celebration the Ukrainian Independence day. Several thousands of people wearing traditional vintage and modern embroidered garments took part in the parade. They marched through the center of Kyiv, sang Ukrainian folk songs, chanted patriotic slogans and congratulated each other with the national holiday.

ukr avaNational Ukrainian costumes came a long period of evolution from the ancient times until today. Historical epochs and events had a great influence on traditional clothing of this nation. We can divide Ukrainian fashion (not history) into two periods: costumes of Kievan Rus' epoch (9th-13th) and clothing of Cossack era (14th-21st). So, there were two different types of clothing, but they had some similarities (like embroidery, similar pieces of clothes, similar materials and so on).

georgian avaThe traditional costumes in Georgia were formed by the influence of nature and way of life in this country. Every man was a warrior, a farmer and a shepherd at the same time. And every woman was (and still is) a housewife, but there are very strict rules about the behavior of Georgian women. They must be modest and devout. Traditionally they couldn't show their body to strange men, only to their husbands. That's why national men costumes tend to be comfortable and warm, and women costumes in Georgia tend to be hooded and modest, but very beautiful and feminine. Nowadays these rules are not so strict, but national clothing still displays Georgian traditions and laws.

finn avaThe national clothing in Finland is very bright, colorful and interesting. Usually traditional Finnish costumes are rather warm because the weather in the Northern Europe is severe and cold. A lot of accessories in Finnish clothing are made of leather and metals, bright embroidery and beautiful silk fabrics are used for decoration. Several centuries ago rich people in Finland used to wear impossibly beautiful costumes, but even poor Finns tried to look bright and colorful to adorn severe nature around them.