• cory
    thanks for the help


  • Anna
    Is there any information on the length of women's dresses in Hungary through the ages?


  • Sofia
    Each and every of the embroidered pieces are handmade. There are no pictures of machine embroidery ...



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Doll avaVarious Japanese dolls are an important part of the everyday life and culture of Japan. Many of them have a symbolic meaning or depict the local fashion and style, regional peculiarities, and the sophisticated traditional taste in clothes. The craftsmen who make the Japanese dolls try to be accurate and precise in every detail of a dress, a hairdo, and accessories. So, we can use these dolls to learn more about the folk outfit of Japan and the clothing traditions of this country.

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japanese-dress avaTraditional Japanese clothing is still in use in Japan. But mostly people wear the national costume for festivals, formal events, weddings, funerals and various ceremonies. In day-to-day life Japanese wear western clothing. The main pieces of Japanese traditional clothing are: hakama, kimono, fundoshi, happi, hanten, jinbei, samue, obi (sashes), sokutai, uwagi, and yukata. Japanese male national costume is not really masculine, and female attire is not very feminine. The main feature of both costumes is chastity and virtue. But the national clothing of this country is really unique and outstanding.