Peshawari chappal avaIn Pakistan, there are two main types of traditional shoes worn by men and women. They are Peshawari chappal and khussa. Both are rather unusually shaped and can be extremely decorative. And what’s interesting about such footwear is that these folk shoes appeared centuries ago but are still used in modern Pakistan. Today, Peshawari chappal and khussa are as widely popular among the Pakistani people as they were in the past. We can say this about not so many traditional shoes. But also, Peshawari chappal and khussa are still often handmade using the same techniques as centuries ago, and they are so ornate and lovely.

Pakistani clothing avaIn Pakistan, a lot of people still wear traditional clothes in daily life today. Their folk costumes changed and developed year after year to stay up to fashion. And by far not every country around the planet can say that about its national clothing. Why do people in Pakistan dress in folk attire when there are so many modern high-tech fabrics and pieces of clothes? Many Pakistani folk garments are made from silk or cotton, which are perfect materials for the local hot and humid climate, just as their cut and style are. So, why not use them in modern life?!

Pakol avaThe pakol hat is not a headwear of terrorists, as some people think. It is an ancient piece that was worn by men millenniums ago. This headgear is very curious because of its unusual shape and its convenience. Let’s find out some more about the pakol and traditional ways of manufacturing it by hand. It turns out, the process is not as simple as you would have thought.