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Thai dress avaThe traditional female attire in Thailand is always feminine and figure-hugging. But at the same time, these garments look modest. How do they do it? How can they manage to look nice and business-like in those tight dresses? But somehow they do. We offer you ten most beautiful and elegant Thai women’s traditional outfits, so-called “chut thai” costumes. See for yourself that the casual and most formal royal dresses differ from each other very little in the matter of a cut and shape.

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thailand avaThe traditional costume in Thailand is called “chut thai” (the translation is “Thai dress”). It is charming – bright and delicate, fitting and modest at the same time. But, like many other people in the world, locals seldom use their folk outfit in everyday life. Nevertheless, you can see lots of Thais dressed in the national clothing during the ethnic festivals, celebrations, weddings, and other special occasions. But the most extraordinary chut thai are women’s Thai formal dresses. They totally deserve to be called royal outfits.