thailand avaThere are not so many folk clothing museums in Thailand, so when traveling to this country, don’t miss these few folk museums, especially if you’re interested in traditional costumes. You can’t understand another country’s culture fully without learning at least something about its national apparel. Folk clothes can tell us so much. Besides, Thai folk costume museums are really interesting. So, while visiting Thailand, go to a folk museum because there are so many unique and curious objects displayed there – intricate gold jewelry, colorful costumes, various traditional weapons, frightening ceremonial masks, vintage skillfully-made accessories, dolls in folk garments, etc.

Bangkok National Museum. It is located in Bangkok, capital of Thailand. Among the exhibits are traditional clothing articles, vintage jewelry and accessories, archaeological finds regarding folk crafts, old samples of traditional textile, ceremonial masks, and many more.

Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles. It is located in Bangkok, Thailand. Among the exhibits are Thai national outfits, a large collection of royal and court clothing and shoes, different ethnic textiles, and various folk handicrafts.

Jim Thompson House. It is located in Bangkok, Thailand. There is a traditional weaver’s house on the territory of this folk museum. Also, you can see the process of Thai silk weaving, spinning, and other related activities live and even buy hand-woven silk textiles in the local souvenir shop.

Highland People Discovery Museum (former Tribal Museum). It is located in Chang Phueak, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Except for the traditional Thai houses and household items, this museum displays various Thai tribal clothes, jewelry, and accessories, cultural objects of the local ethnic groups, etc.

Khon Kaen National Museum. It is located in Khon Kaen, Thailand. Among the exhibits are national costumes, cultural objects of Khmer or Lopburi ethnic groups, Thai arts and crafts, archaeological finds, and other items regarding Thai clothing traditions and folk crafts.

Lanna Folklife Museum (or Lanna Heritage Centre). It is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Among the exhibits are cultural objects of the Lanna people, Lanna traditional costumes, folk craft items, like a traditional weaving loom, ethnic textiles, etc

Bangkok Dolls Museum. It is located in Bangkok, Thailand. It displays a large collection of dolls dressed in Thai national costumes, folk outfits and tribal outfits of different Thai ethnic groups, dolls in folk dance costumes and in ceremonial costumes, etc.


Note! If you’re a museum that exhibits traditional costumes, folk clothing crafts, or historical clothes, jewelry, and accessories, and you’re not on the list, please write us in the comment section or via the contact page. We will gladly add your museum here with short info about it.

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