Uzbek girls avaThe main Uzbek folk garment traditionally used by everybody in this country was a robe. These open garments could be made from different fabrics, adorned with various decorations and details, created in different designs, but they suited men, women, and children in Uzbekistan perfectly. Of course, every region or even town had its own peculiarities in traditional fashion, but a robe of some style was an obligatory part of an outfit. Also, there are several curious and unique features of folk clothing for children in Uzbekistan. Find out about them below.

Uzbek avaUzbekistan has a long and rich history of such clothing crafts as weaving and embroidering. The products of local craftswomen can be seen at Asrlar Sadosi Festival of Traditional Culture. Here, old folk crafts and techniques meet with modern variations of folk clothes. People in Uzbekistan still practice weaving and embroidering, a lot of girls learn how to do it, Uzbek men and women wear national costumes and decorate their houses with tapestry and décor elements adorned with authentic patterns. The old textile tradition still lives in Uzbekistan today.