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Thai dress avaThe traditional female attire in Thailand is always feminine and figure-hugging. But at the same time, these garments look modest. How do they do it? How can they manage to look nice and business-like in those tight dresses? But somehow they do. We offer you ten most beautiful and elegant Thai women’s traditional outfits, so-called “chut thai” costumes. See for yourself that the casual and most formal royal dresses differ from each other very little in the matter of a cut and shape.


Chut Thai Siwalai Dress

It is a formal evening attire worn in Thailand. This dress can be seen at royal ceremonies or formal functions. The distinguishing feature of this costume is an over-shoulder sabai – shawl or breast cloth used in Asian countries.

Thai dress1

Thai dress2



Chut Thai Ruean Ton Dress

Casual Thai female outfit. It consists of an ankle-length tube skirt called “sinh” (plain-colored or striped) and a collarless blouse with a front opening and elbow-length sleeves.

Thai dress3

Thai dress4



Chut Thai Prayook Dress

This is a Thai contemporary attire. This costume is worn not only by the royals, but ordinary Thai women also prefer prayook as a festive evening outfit (for weddings, parties, etc.). It is a sleeveless one-piece dress. The skirt is decorated with 2 front pleats. The traditional Thai belt is also used with this dress.

Thai dress5

Thai dress6



Chut Thai Lanna Dress

It is a traditional costume of Lanna region (Northern Thailand). This outfit is colorful and eye-catching. It includes an ankle-length tube skirt called “sinh” and a sleeveless short top. The usual adornment that goes with this attire is fresh flowers and a lot of jewels.

Thai dress7

Thai dress8

Thai dress9



Chut Thai Dusit Dress

It is a traditional Thai evening dress. The garment is round-necked and sleeveless. It can be a one-piece dress or a skirt and blouse. The fabric is always expensive and really fine. Women also use traditional Thai ornaments and jewels with this attire.

Thai dress10

Thai dress11

Thai dress12



Chut Thai Chit Lada Dress

This is a ceremonial day dress used by the Thai officials, for instance, to meet the royal guests at the airport. It consists of an ankle-length tube skirt called “sinh” and a long-sleeved silk blouse. The blouse has a front opening and 5 ornamental silver or gold buttons.

Thai dress13

Thai dress14



Chut Thai Chakkraphat Dress

It is an official and rather conservative attire worn for royal or national ceremonies. It includes a pleated shawl cover and another thicker shawl with full embroidery.

Thai dress15

Thai dress16

Thai dress17



Chut Thai Borom Bhiman Dress

It is a formal evening costume, though it can be worn for semi-formal occasions. This attire is luxurious, it is made from brocaded fabric. The costume consists of an ankle-length tube skirt called “sinh” and a long-sleeved round-necked blouse, buttoned at the front or back. But the blouse and skirt are sewn together to make a one-piece dress.

Thai dress18

Thai dress19



Chut Thai Amarin Dress

This is a luxurious evening dress often worn by royals. The fabric is brocaded and expensive. The blouse is wide, it has a round neck and just below-the-elbow sleeves. This costume usually is complemented with beautiful accessories.

Thai dress20

Thai dress21



Chut Thai Chakkri Dress

It is a formal outfit. The fabric is traditionally made using a weaving technique called “yok” (it makes the cloth thicker without adding supplementary threads). The fabric often is adorned with gold or silver threads. The costume consists of an ankle-length tube skirt called “sinh”, that has 2 pleated folds in the front, and a blouse.

Thai dress22

Thai dress23

Thai dress24



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