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Logo fb avaWe would like to thank our readers for your attention to website. The 2019 was great for us. We published many nice articles and original photos, followed your discussions in the comments to them, had interesting conversations with you in social media, and got wonderful feedback from you. Thanks guys! Next year, we’ll gather even more useful info and share it all with you. See you in 2020!


In 2019, had 403,000 new readers from all over the world. We care for every single one of you and we are always happy when we’re able to help you with your projects, purchases, or just useful and interesting pastime.

The countries with most engaged folk costume lovers this year were the US, the Philippines, the UK, Canada, India, Australia, the UAE, Turkey, and many others.

Here are top-8 most popular articles in 2019:

#8 Each of seven Turkey regions has its own clothing traditions and features

#7 National dress of Kenya – easy, bright and heavily decorated clothing

#6 Traditional clothing of Sri Lanka. Sarong and sari

#5 Folk clothing in the Philippines. About traditional garments in short

#4 National dress of Scotland. Men's and ladies kilt

#3 Traditional dress of Canada. History and examples

#2 Traditional clothing in the Philippines. Barong Tagalog & Baro at Saya

#1 Traditional Mexican costume. Typical pieces of clothing in Mexico

Here are some of the best photos of traditional costumes made in 2019. They depict colorful authentic clothing, beautiful people, and skillfully-made vintage folk garments. These are for you. Enjoy!


Mexican folk dress


Slovak folk costumes


Ukrainian folk garment


Korean folk shoes


Jewelry from Kyivan Rus


Armenian folk headdress


Turkmen folk headdress 


Ukrainian wedding headdress


Spin weave9
Spindles and yarn


Spin weave18
Wooden combs for yarn


Jewelry from Kyivan Rus




The most scandalous articles that engaged people into discussions in the comment section this year were:

Each of seven Turkey regions has its own clothing traditions and features – our readers discussed whether Turkey is Middle Eastern, Asian, or European country. They also talked abut the rich and old culture of Turkey.

Traditional dress of Canada. History and examples – people debated about the existence of Canadian national clothing and offered their variants of Canadian folk garments.

Bunad – beautiful national outfit of Norway – you guys talked about the prices of bunad and the names of traditional Norwegian clothing articles.

Traditional Mexican costume. Typical pieces of clothing in Mexico – the readers shared their experience and knowledge regarding Mexican folk dress and folklorico costumes.

We would like to thank all of you for your comments. They mean that you aren’t unaffected by the national clothing of your country or other countries on our planet. The truth is often born in argument. So, don’t be afraid to be engaged in a discussion if you have something to say. Your opinion matters to us and to thousands of other people who read the articles and comments on

We’re grateful for the pieces of knowledge you leave in comments as well – the native always knows a bit more about his/her traditional costume, so please share this info with us. It might help a lot of people.

For our part, we promise to publish even more interesting and useful materials, photos, interviews, etc. We will find the best topics regarding the national attire and folk clothing crafts. In the next 2020, we will offer you more new services, more striking photos of folk garments, more weird facts about the traditional outfits from around the world, and more expert opinions. We aim to please all the folk costume lovers and historical costume lovers, no matter how old you are, where you live, and why you’re interested in these topics! See you next year and happy holidays!!!

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