Brown Skin Girl avaAfrican folk culture is unique and so different from Western-style clothing traditions. Not only the national clothing differs, but authentic African hairstyles look wonderful. And, of course, they should be treasured as a significant part of African traditional culture. We can find a variety of spectacular and impressive African traditional hairdos in a 2020 official music video by Beyoncé, Blue Ivy, SAINt JHN, WizKid – Brown Skin Girl.

The lyrics of “Brown Skin Girl” is deeply meaningful, but the outfits and hairstyles used in this video are significant and beautiful as well. First of all, these are multiple tight braids, buns, intricately woven constructions from hair (sometimes really large and complicated), and similar lovely styles.

Here are a few screengrabs with such typical African folk hairdos shown in the Brown Skin Girl music clip.


Brown Skin Girl7

Brown Skin Girl1

Brown Skin Girl2

Brown Skin Girl3

Brown Skin Girl4

Brown Skin Girl5

Brown Skin Girl6

Brown Skin Girl8

Brown Skin Girl9


And this is the music video itself:


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