Iggy Azalea avaIt’s very easy to find Indian traditional clothing in movies and video clips because these outfits are extremely cheerful, colorful, ornate, and beautiful. Not only women of Indian origin love wearing a sari but practically any woman would like to try this lovely attire. Here’s an example – Iggy Azalea, Australian singer, wears a row of sarees in her video “Bounce”. Also, you can see choli blouses, male turbans and sherwani coats, various Indian traditional jewelry, and other Indian folk garments in this video.

Australian rapper and singer Iggy Azalea (real name – Amethyst Amelia Kelly) is a popular musician not only in Australia and the US but worldwide. In 2013, she released her official music video on the song “Bounce”. It was filmed in India. This music clip is a good example of how to take inspiration from the traditional culture of another country and to make folk clothing fashionable and totally modern.

Here is a number of sarees used by Iggy Azalea in this video.


Iggy Azalea1

Iggy Azalea2

Iggy Azalea7


Also, you can find other traditional pieces of clothes, including festive male folk garments


Iggy Azalea3

Iggy Azalea6

Iggy Azalea10

Iggy Azalea9


other women’s sarees


Iggy Azalea11


traditional jewelry items, etc.


Iggy Azalea5

Iggy Azalea4

Iggy Azalea8


Sorry for the quality of screenshots – it’s hard to catch the right moment when people are dancing)).


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