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Ukrainian embroidery avaEmbroidering is one of the most widespread and common for various corners of our planet traditional crafts. People have been using embroidery to decorate their clothes for millennia and on every continent. Of course, there are some similar or identical embroidery techniques and patterns, but others are unique and represent a certain country, region, or even community. Sometimes, you can easily tell where a costume came from by its needlework designs alone. So, let’s look at different embroidery samples from various countries around the world. How much do they look alike?



Festive male robe from Uzbekistan with beautiful gold embroidery

Embroidery samples1


Uzbek skull-caps with colorful needlework

Embroidery samples2


Uzbek headdress embellished with intricate gold embroidery

Embroidery samples3


Another skull-cap with silver embroidery and sequins

Embroidery samples4




Palestinian traditional embroidery called “tatreez”

Embroidery samples9

Embroidery samples10


Bright-red embroidery on Palestinian folk dress

Embroidery samples11


Delicate needlework on woman’s dress

Embroidery samples12




Tajik folk embroidery on female dress

Embroidery samples13




Gold needlework on ornate male attire

Embroidery samples14

Embroidery samples15


Delicate needlework on women’s clothing

Embroidery samples16




Stunning silver embroidery on Mexican sombrero

Embroidery samples17


Interesting needlework pattern on Mexican women’s outfit

Embroidery samples18



The United Arab Emirates

Lovely silver embroidery on Emirati clothing. This technique is called “talli”

Embroidery samples19


Another variation of talli embroidery

Embroidery samples20


Two different techniques of Emirati needlework on women’s dresses

Embroidery samples21




Ukrainian traditional embroidery with woolen and gold threads on women’s coif

Ukrainian embroidery44


Striking embroidery design on a sleeve of female shirt. It is created using several different needlework techniques

Embroidery samples22


Ukrainian traditional whitework on male shirt

Ukrainian embroidery38


Colorful stitching on women’s shirts. The pattern is made of lots and lots (hundreds or even thousands) repetitive tiny symbols

Embroidery samples23

Embroidery samples24


Traditional Crimean Tatar embroidery




Vintage Crimean Tatar shoe with gold embroidery





Charming gold embroidery on vest

Embroidery samples25


Another variant of traditional floral needlework on vintage garment

vintage clothing10


Gold embroidery on female dress

Embroidery samples26




Traditional bridal dress from Afghanistan adorned with multicolored embroidery designs in several different techniques and tiny mirrors

Embroidery samples5

Embroidery samples6


Afghan richly gold embroidered dress

Embroidery samples7


Skillful Afghan needlework in red&black&white

Embroidery samples8

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