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Medieval fair avaModern medieval fairs organized by historical reenactors give us a glimpse of how life looked and felt like hundreds of years before our time. This particular small but lovely fair is dedicated to the Kyivan Rus’ period (the 9th-13th century). You can see replicas of Scandinavian, Byzantine, Slavic, Irish, and other costumes worn by people in Europe 1,000 years ago. Cute kids’ and masculine warriors’ outfits add even more charm to this event.


Medieval fair1
Portable medieval blacksmith's forge. It smelts iron from ore right in the middle of the field


Medieval fair5
Medieval peasant woman embroidering while kids play around


Medieval fair6
Little girl in lovely medieval outfit. Note her tiny leather shoes


Medieval fair3
Medieval warriors in mail and helmets between battles


Medieval fair4
Warrior in light armor prepares his weapon to the fight


Medieval fair9
Couple in Viking-style outfits near the camp


Medieval fair10
Woman dressed in replica of medieval Scandinavian dress. Look at her turtle fibulae


Medieval fair7
Warriors on the battlefield in the middle of a fight


Medieval fair8
Warriors on the battlefield in the middle of a fight


Medieval fair12
Woman in medieval attire shows reconstructed kitchen utensils from the period


Medieval fair13
Replicas of bone knitting needles used to knit socks, mitts, and other accessories in the Middle Ages. The technique is called “naalbinding” or “needle-binding”. Also, you can see a sock made by the needle-binding technique


Medieval fair14
Medieval camp with adults and kids doing their chores


Medieval fair15
Young girl reading


Medieval fair16
Accurate modern replicas of medieval jewelry – temple rings, crosses, pendants, buckles, belt plates, bracelets, fibulae, and other items


Medieval fair17
Women spinning wool using spindles


Medieval fair18
Woman dressed in medieval Irish costume carding wool fibers before spinning them into yarn


Medieval fair19
Wool fibers, Turkish spindle, and ready thin wool yarn


Medieval fair20
Medieval Byzantine male attire


Medieval fair21
Beautiful replica of short medieval knife worn attached to the belt

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