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Warrior avaThe medieval warriors from different parts of the world looked rather alike, but there were some differences between them, of course. Usually, small details varied, like shapes of shields and helmets, amulets and jewelry pieces, decorations, etc. Today, we would like you to see the typical outfits of Kyivan Rus warriors from the 10th – early 11th century. Their jewels are especially cool. Also, note how skillfully the wax figures are made – it’s hard to tell that they aren’t real people. It’s even a bit creepy…

Exhibits from The Museum of Making of Ukrainian Nation, Kyiv, Ukraine

Info: Kyivan Rus is the first East Slavic state. It existed from the late 9th to mid-13th century. At its zenith, it included the territory from the Carpathian Mountains to the Volga River, and from the Black Sea to the Baltic Sea. And Kyivan Rus was a very developed country, especially in the military area, crafts, jewelry making, weapon making, etc.

Prince Sviatoslav the Brave, or the Conqueror (around 935-972), ruler of Kyivan Rus. Wax figure; the clothing and weapon are accurate modern replicas of authentic pieces. He is wearing a long linen shirt with embroidered trimming, pants, a cloak trimmed with fur, a leather belt with a belt bag, and leather boots. A sword and a seax dagger are his weapons.






Heavily armed Rus warrior. Wax figure; the clothing and weapon are accurate modern replicas of authentic pieces. This man is dressed like Prince Sviatoslav’s warrior. He is wearing the armor suit (a helmet, a mail, and a shield) and is armed with a spear, a sword, and a seax dagger. Also, you can see his linen shirt with embroidery trimming, a tunic worn under the mail, trousers, a belt with a belt pouch, leather shoes, and a jewelry piece called “grivna” around his neck.








Viking warrior from Prince Sviatoslav’s troops. The Sviatoslav’s army had numerous mercenaries from different parts of Scandinavia, who fought for money or loot. Wax figure; the clothing and weapon are accurate modern replicas of authentic pieces. This man is equipped typically for Scandinavian troopers (a helmet, a mail, and a shield) and armed with a sword and a seax dagger. He also wears the Mjöllnir amulet – the hammer of Thor.








Guard warrior of Druzhina, Prince Volodymyr’s personal army (Prince Volodymyr the Great, 960/963-1015, ruler of Kyivan Rus). The warrior is dressed in a linen shirt, a tunic, a mail, a cloak, trousers, leather boots, a leather belt, and a helmet. He is armed with a spear and a seax dagger. Also, you can see the amulet worn around his neck with a depiction of stylized trident, a symbol of the Rurik dynasty that can be found on coins, seals, signets of the period.





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