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Belle Époque avaThe Belle Époque is a period from the Franco-Prussian War (1871) to the beginning of World War I (1914). European fashion in this era was blooming and developing. Historically, it was the time of economic prosperity, technological and cultural innovations, and the flourishing of arts. So, all of this was reflected in the European fashion. Let’s look at the old photos of these feminine and elegant women from the Belle Époque and try to imagine their lifestyle and daily routine. Was it as pretty as their outfits, hairstyles, and jewelry are?


Lady Edwina, the Duchess of Westminster

Belle Époque1



Ethel Barrymore

Belle Époque2



Maude Fealy

Belle Époque3



Mabelle Corey

Belle Époque4



Cleo de Merode

Belle Époque5



Maudi Darrell

Belle Époque6



Maud Adams

Belle Époque7



Pauline Chase

Belle Époque8



Evelyn Millard

Belle Époque9



Consuelo Vanderbilt, the duchess of Marlborough

Belle Époque10



Mrs. Catherin Britton, the Consort Princess of Hohenlohe-Schillingsfurst

Belle Époque11



Lady Curzon, Vicountess of India

Belle Époque12



Lady Grosvenor, the Duchess of Westminster

Belle Époque13



Countess Anastasia Mikhailovna de Torby

Belle Époque14



Violet Gertrude Twining, Lady Donegall

Belle Époque15



Helena Zimmerman, the Duchess of Manchester

Belle Époque16



Lady Violet Ida Evelyn Lane-Fox, the Countess of Powis

Belle Époque17



Lillie Langtry

Belle Époque18



Princess Kaiulani

Belle Époque19



Principesa Ileana

Belle Époque20



Prinzessin Viktoria Luise

Belle Époque21



Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg

Belle Époque22



Marcelle Lender

Belle Époque23



Olga Isabella Nethersole

Belle Époque24



Raquel Meller

Belle Époque25



La Belle Otero

Belle Époque26



Lady Gerard as Astarte

Belle Époque27



Daisy, the Princess of Pless

Belle Époque28



Mrs. A.G. Vanderbilt, (Mrs. Margaret Emerson McKim)

Belle Époque29



Madame Consuelo Vanderbilt

Belle Époque30



Helena Modjeska

Belle Époque31



Geraldine Farrar

Belle Époque32



Mrs. Alice Lee Roosevelt

Belle Époque33



Viscountess Nancy Astor

Belle Époque34



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