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wedding dress avaAround the world, the white dress dominates wedding fashion. Though, many brides throughout Asia wear traditional cultural gowns instead of the white dresses. Folk wedding dresses often are much more impressive than the ordinary white gowns. Need some proof? Here you are a bundle of photos.


The traditional dress in Thailand is a wrap-around style and often one-shoulder with a sash.

wedding dress1

Pastels and creamier colors are most common for Thai wedding gowns.

wedding dress2



The traditional dress of the nomadic Kuchi tribe is bright and colorful, showcasing intricate embroidery.

wedding dress3

Green is significant in Islamic tradition because of its association with paradise.

wedding dress4



The traditional costume is the Ao Dai (a long silk tunic worn over pants) and a headdress called “khan dong”.

wedding dress5

Wearing red is thought to bring good luck to the couple.



A typical bridal look includes a midriff-baring blouse, skirt, and scarf in red silk.

wedding dress6

Indian gowns can be quite heavy because of the exquisite embroidery and embellishments.

wedding dress7



The hanbok is a bell-shaped multicolored gown primarily comprised of a tightly-fitting jacket and a high-waisted skirt.

wedding dress8

Hanboks are typically custom-made for the woman who wears it, so no two dresses are exactly alike.

wedding dress9


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