Palestine4 avaMany countries of the world use embroidery among their main crafts. Since ancient times, embroidery patterns have been a way of communication between people, a mean of keeping and transferring the knowledge, and a believed protection against negative influences, rather than just a simple decorating technique. A lot of people are certain that only the most richly embellished garments made from expensive fabrics can be beautiful and exquisite. We’d like to prove them wrong. In the article below, we’ll show you that even simple patterns, small amounts of embroidery, and usual natural fabrics can be gorgeous if the craftswoman treats her craft with enough imagination and creativity.


Crimean Tatar traditional embroidery patterns

The traditional embroidery patterns of Crimean Tatars usually are rather simple but so very elegant. The patterns are most often floral. The amount of embroidery is comparatively small. Though, the embroidered garments are very noble-looking and beautiful (partially, due to the materials: gold threads on velvet background always give the impression of wealth and elegance). But that’s not the only reason why the Crimean Tatar embroidery designs have found their way into our little rating. In modern days, Crimean Tatars still use and know the meaning of their deeply symbolic patterns. When you look at the embroidery, you’re like breathing in the centuries-old history of these people, feeling the connection between generations, and experiencing the respect toward their old traditions.

Crimean Tatar embroidery3

Crimean Tatar embroidery2

Crimean Tatar costume2

Crimean Tatar embroidery1



Ukrainian traditional embroidery designs

The traditional embroidery designs in Ukraine vary a lot according to the region of origin – in some areas they are not simple at all, but this rating will show you less elaborate patterns, which are adorable and elegant in their simplicity. Many modern Ukrainian patterns have lost their symbolism, but fortunately, there are still plenty of vintage embroidery designs, which show us the regional peculiarities of the country, historical changes in the tradition of crafts, religious beliefs of local people, and their attitude to life.

Ukrainian embroidery54

Ukrainian embroidery77

Ukrainian embroidery80

Ukrainian embroidery96



Palestinian traditional embroidery patterns

Palestine is a country with the ancient and richly developed tradition in embroidering. In most cases, the festive women’s outfits are embellished with a large amount of embroidery, but even when the patterns are not that intricate and opulent, they still are beautiful and sophisticated. The floral, geometric, and animalistic images woven into a single picture add some air of mystery and antiquity to the folk garment. The Palestinian traditional embroidery patterns definitely deserve to be mentioned in our top-5 rating of countries with the most “simple but elegant embroidery designs of the world”.




Palestinian girls



Tunisian traditional embroidery designs

The embroidery patterns in Tunisia are usually very rich and elaborate – a lot of embroidery is made with gold threads and decorated with pearls, sequins, gems, etc., while velvet or silk serves as a background. Of course, we can’t call those embroidery samples simple – rather they are masterpieces that show the wealth of the wearer. Though the craft of embroidering is really developed in Tunisia, that’s why the craftswomen know how to use simple but elegant and beautiful patterns when needed. Also, it is amazing how every stitch, every outline on the cloth has a deep meaning. Modern Tunisian embroidery designs can be much less ornate and intricate than the vintage ones, but the symbolism of the patterns are still there.

vintage clothing10



Tunisian modern clothing2



Serbian traditional embroidery patterns

Embroidering is the main technique of decorating the folk clothes in Serbia. Local people are very skillful embroiders – they know how to mix different patterns, colors, and embroidery techniques to achieve harmony. With all the diversity of Serbian embroidery designs and cuts of garments, it is a very useful skill. Serbian traditional festive outfits are rather richly embroidered and bright, but just enough to be elegant and not tacky. The traditional patterns are usually floral and geometric; the most popular color is red. Serbian embroidery is so interesting because it is a remarkable mix of Balkan, Ottoman, Byzantine, and Slavonic features.

Serbian costumes3

Serbian women

Serbian couple2

Serbian couple4



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