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Carpathian avaThe western region of Ukraine covers a part of Carpathian Mountains. Ukrainians who live in highlands are very unique people. They managed to keep their traditions, lifestyle, folklore and many more things till today. They have beautiful songs, special food traditions, rare crafts and, of course, outstanding clothing traditions. The latter didn't change much during last few centuries. The traditional costumes of Carpathian region of Ukraine are bright, richly embroidered garments with extraordinary accessories.


female Carpathian3
Different variants of vintage traditional clothing of Carpathian region of Ukraine


male Carpathian1
Vintage traditional male costume of Carpathians, Ukraine. Richly embroidered shirt, red trousers with embroidery at the bottom, a vest made from sheepskin and embellished richly, a woolen jacket with embroidery, and a wide leather belt called "cheres" (usual belt for this region of Ukraine)


male Carpathian2
Closer view of the same outfit. The embroidery on the shirt is very colorful


female Carpathian2
Different variants of traditional folk dress of Carpathian region of Ukraine. All include embroidered and woven pieces of clothing


male Carpathian3
Another variant of traditional male garment typical for Carpathian region of Ukraine. An embroidered shirt, black trousers, a woolen jacket, and a wide belt "cheres". All parts of the costume are vintage


male Carpathian4
Cheres – wide leather belt, richly embellished. Close-up view. There are leather and metal decorations, metal buckles and other decorative elements.


male Carpathian5
Other part of the same vintage cheres. Decorative elements and the pattern are visible


female Carpathian1
Vintage female traditional clothing typical for Carpathians, Ukraine. Both consist of an embroidered shirt, a woven plakhta (a kind of wrap-around skirt), a wide woven belt called "krayka", a large kerchief, and several necklaces. The set of clothing at the left also has a woven bag


female Carpathian4
Traditional women's woven bag typical for Carpathians, Ukraine. While men prefer leather combined with metal for their bags, women use cloth, usually handwoven. This bag is decorated with tiny handmade pompons




#2 Sofia 2020-02-11 09:53
Quoting PerunBolt:
Do you have any information on the Transcarpathian/Zakarpattya (Закарпаття) region of Ukraine? The costumes are a bit different. Thanks.

Yes, sure. We have some pieces of info. You can look "transcarpathian" in the search bar. But we don't have an article dedicated to this topic yet. I'll think about it). Thanks
#1 PerunBolt 2020-02-06 23:34
Do you have any information on the Transcarpathian/Zakarpattya (Закарпаття) region of Ukraine? The costumes are a bit different. Thanks.

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