Tools avaWe’ve already published lots of photos of vintage spinning & weaving tools (Vintage wooden spinning and weaving tools, Old Ukrainian spinning and weaving tools. 5,000-year-old loom, etc.), but there’s never enough because every piece is handmade, thus unique and special. This collection of female craft tools (usually, women did the spinning, weaving, embroidering, etc.) is exhibited in Reshetylivka museum, Poltava region of Ukraine. They are wooden, they are hand-produced, and they are worn – remember that they’re at least 100 years old.

Vintage wooden combs, spindles, a flying shuttle, and a wooden kind of spoon, analog of a weaving tablet




Wooden combs of various sizes




A comb and two spindles. By the way, they lie on a hand-woven cloth




Two spindles. Also, you can see an old pair of sheep scissors used for sheep shearing




Several flying shuttles and bobbins of threads used for weaving on a loom




Linen and hemp yarns of different quality. Also, you can see the flax and cannabis plants. Though this cannabis you can’t smoke – well, you can, but it will have no effect, it is a special sort made for yarn-producing only




Vintage spinning tools. You can see a spinning wheel and a spinning swift (rather crudely made, but in the 18th-19th century, it was an ordinary thing)




Spinning wheel




Wooden weaving loom. And old one. It has 4 pedals. Note that wooden pegs are even used instead of nails








Spinning wheel from Chernihiv region of Ukraine. It was painted red for exhibiting. When the wheel was used, it didn’t have any paint on



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