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Spin weave avaThe traditional spinning and weaving tools are similar around the world: weaving looms, spinning wheels, spindles, combs, flying shuttles, etc. But because these items are handmade, each and every one of them is unique and original. Some of these tools are roughly and crudely made, others are delicate and decorated with intricately carved patterns. Here are images of vintage – appr. 100-year-old – spinning and weaving tools from Ukraine. Really charming stuff!

The tools are exhibits of Viktor Yushchenko Museum of Ukrainian heritage (situated in Kyiv outlet village “Manufactura”).

Viktor Yushchenko is one of the presidents of Ukraine (2005-2010). He is a big lover of Ukrainian folk culture and well-known collector.


Spin weave1

Spin weave3

Spin weave4

Spin weave5

Spin weave6

Spin weave7

Spin weave8

Spin weave10

Spin weave9

Spin weave11

Spin weave12

Spin weave2

Spin weave13

Spin weave14

Spin weave15

Spin weave16

Spin weave17

Spin weave18

Spin weave19

Spin weave20

Spin weave21

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