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loom avaA loom is a machine used to weave cloth. Weaving is one of the oldest crafts in the world. Hundreds of years ago people used to make all their clothes at home. They grew special plants and animals, made yarn, wove cloth and sewed clothing. Nowadays almost all kinds of fabric are made industrially. But even today some people continue their grandmother's work and weave cloth with a help of small wooden looms. It is really interesting to compare several different looms. They may have diverse construction and elements, but their principles of work are mostly the same.

The first (vintage) loom is rather simple. It has only 2 pedals. But you can weave different colorful cloths on it, even rather thick one. Most of its parts are wooden, only some are metal.

loom1 1

loom1 2

loom1 3

loom1 4

loom1 5



The second loom (also vintage) is more complicated in its construction. It has 4 pedals and a complicated system of pulleys. Most of its parts are wooden, metal elements are used as well. On such loom you can weave cloth with open work and beautiful patterns.

loom2 1

loom2 2

loom2 3

loom2 4

loom2 5



The third loom is modern, but its design is classic for such looms. There are 2 pedals, each holds 2 threads. In the process of weaving threads are crossed. You can weave any kind of cloth on it. It can make even a very thin cloth called "Volynskiy serpanok". It is rather difficult to manufacture serpanok and to sew clothes from it. But such fabric looks very tender and delicate.

loom4 1

loom4 2

loom4 3

loom4 4



The forth unit is a carpet weaving machine; it is used to make carpets at home. Its design is very simple. Such looms were used hundreds of years ago by craftsmen who produced carpets. It is a frame with stretched threads. Technically weaving a carpet of single color isn't hard, but it is very difficult to make a picture of colorful threads.

 loom3 1

loom3 2 

 loom3 3

 loom3 4



The fifth loom is a large one. It is used for weaving thick woolen cloth and blankets. Such looms were used in Carpathian regions of Ukraine (Western part of the country). This particular loom is vintage; it is exhibited in a museum in Kolomyia (Ivano-Frankivsk region).

loom5 1

loom5 2

loom5 3

loom5 4






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Wow, wooden mech machinery

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