Rita Ora avaTraditional clothing have always been used by various singers around the world for entourage in their music clips because it looks catchy and unusual. In some videos, we see rather accurate authentic clothing or vintage outfits, other artists use stylized costumes inspired by national clothes. But anyway, such costumes add charisma to the video. Just look at these outstanding Albanian-inspired outfits of Rita Ora and her dancers in the official video “Bang”.

Rita Ora is a British singer and actress of Albanian origin. Several of her songs reached the top of the UK charts. And a few days ago, a video clip on her song “Bang” was released. We’re going to look at the costumes used in this music clip. Rita Ora and her dancers all wear stylized Albanian-inspired outfits in some scenes. Of course, they’re not fully authentic. Some of these costumes consist of more traditional garments, others are modern garments created with only certain features of Albanian folk clothes.



The attire of Rita Ora herself is a crazy mix of Albanian clothing traditions and modern clothes of R&B divas. Her short jacket with hanging sleeves and plenty of gold embroidery is a traditional piece. Just look at those gorgeous sleeves from the side view! Though, I’m not sure if the jacket is vintage or a modern recreation. But underneath, her top is totally modern, with only matching embroidery.


Rita Ora4

Rita Ora8

Rita Ora9


The skirt is way too short to be traditional, but the pattern is nice.


Rita Ora2

Rita Ora5


The headdress of the singer is also interesting. It is made by the rules and Albanian traditions – women wear intricate headpieces adorned with coins and pendants paired with a veil (often, a red one). Rita Ora’s veil is a lovely woven piece.


Rita Ora10


Her necklace is also probably a modern variation of Albanian traditional necklace with coins.

Her stockings and boots, of course, are very modern.

If to talk about Rita Ora’s dancers, their outfits are a lot closer to the traditional Albanian clothing. They wear embroidered shirts, about knee-length folk skirts, traditional outerwear, cute headdresses, and very beautiful, most probably original jewelry.


Rita Ora3

Rita Ora6

Rita Ora7


To find out more about Albanian clothing traditions and Albanian authentic outfits, visit this article: Folk costume of Southern Albania. Garments, features, colors, and adornments


#2 Sofia 2021-03-01 09:44
Quoting Largo:
These are more not Albanian but Bulgarian traditional clothing motives...

Yeah, there are many Bulgarian features. I'd say it's something in between))
#1 Largo 2021-02-28 18:15
These are more not Albanian but Bulgarian traditional clothing motives...

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