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Tunisian modern clothing avaTunisians value their clothing traditions very much. They still use folk costumes in everyday life. And – what’s more important – they often add some ethnic flavor to modern garments. It helps Tunisians to keep and develop the tradition, to remember their past and look forward to the future. The traditions of the country are so important because that’s what makes the nation unique. Tunisian modern attires on the photos below have such ethnic features as the traditional embroidery patterns, folk headdresses, jewelry typical for this culture, authentic shapes of garments, etc.

The photos were provided by the organization “ALLA Business Prestige” and its owner Mr. Khaled Dridi


Tunisian modern clothing1
Woman in a red velvet dress and a traditional fez with a veil. The dress is decorated with delicate gold embroidery


Tunisian modern clothing2
Female in a modern blue attire embellished with the traditional Tunisian embroidery


Tunisian modern clothing3
Woman in a light turquoise dress adorned with Tunisian traditional embroidery


Tunisian modern clothing4
Female in a modern outfit with typically Tunisian embroidery and decorations


Tunisian modern clothing5
Woman in a very delicate and beautiful modern variation of the traditional costume of Tunisia. The velvet vest is richly embroidered with gold threads. The lace blouse looks exquisite


Tunisian modern clothing6
Female in a modern dress embellished with the traditional Tunisian embroidery


Tunisian modern clothing7
Woman in a modern variant of Tunisian national costume. It consists of a fashioned dress with some embroidery on the front side and waist, a shawl, a fez with a tassel, and the traditional Tunisian jewels


Tunisian modern clothing8
Female in a modern yellow dress embellished with Tunisian folk embroidery. The shape of the dress is completely modern but the embroidery design is traditional


Tunisian modern clothing9
Woman in a modern dress of rich orange color. The cut of the dress and the embroidery pattern on the front part are typically Tunisian


Tunisian modern clothing10
Female in a very neoteric red & beige dress with Tunisian flavor


Tunisian modern clothing11
Modern Tunisian female robe and a fez with the traditional embroidery


Tunisian modern clothing12
Woman in a very beautiful and stylish dress. It is a modern variant of Tunisian folk attire. Bright colors and exquisite embroidery designs only accentuate the beauty of Tunisian clothing tradition





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Tunisian women are hot in these traditional dresses.

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