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vintage-clothing avaTunisian vintage clothing is precious, not only because of all those gold (embroidery with golden threads, gold embellishments, etc.) but because of its historical value as well. In museums and private collections, we can find unique and unimaginable samples of the traditional outfit of Tunisia. They show us the wealth of Tunisian people and the skillfulness of local craftsmen. Here you are several pieces of vintage women's costumes. Some of them are familiar to our readers, and others may be a surprise.

The photos were provided by the organization “ALLA Business Prestige” and its owner Mr. Khaled Dridi


Festive traditional dress called "kaftan". It is made from blue velvet and embroidered with golden threads


Vintage two-colored dress called "jebba akri". It is densely embroidered with golden threads


Traditional Tunisian vest called "farmla". It is a part of a female wedding dress. There is a lot of gold embroidery and a lacing at the front


Vintage festive chemise called "kmijja" or "khmejja". It has vertical colorful stripes with embroidery and an intricate embroidered pattern at the front


Festive female speckled jebba (loose tunic with short sleeves). It has a lot of gold embroidery


Vintage black jebba (loose tunic with short sleeves). There are less embroidery and embellishments on this dress but it is simple and elegant


Traditional woolen long-sleeved coat called "kadroun". The sleeves are turned outward. There is a lot of gold embroidery on this garment


Vintage embroidered jebba (loose tunic with short sleeves). Almost all the surface of the dress is covered with gold embroidery


Traditional Tunisian vest called "farmla". There is a lot of gold embroidery and a lacing at the front


A kind of vintage bustier or crop top. It is made of silk and richly embroidered with golden threads


Traditional Tunisian underwear: a chemise and a harem pants. They are delicate, made from cotton and lace. The chemise has long and very wide sleeves, the pantaloons are short, with lace


Vintage wedding costume of a bride. It consists of a long, very richly embroidered, sleeveless shirt, an embroidered collar called "rakhba", a festive vest called "farmla", a pair of embroidered oversleeves called "ydein", a pair of embroidered sleeves called "jabda", and a headdress called "koufia", also densely embroidered


Long embroidered sleeveless shirt called "great kmijja" with plenty of gold embroidery


Embroidered round collar called "rakhba"


Embroidered headdress called "koufia"


Embroidered oversleeves called "ydein"


Embroidered sleeves called "jabda"


Festive women's shoes (flip-flops) called "tmak"


Embroidered headdress called "taguiya" and adornment with gold, pearls, and gems called "taouenza"


Narrow female belt with gold decorations called "hzem"




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