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Qatar avaWhat do children wear in Qatar? Are traditional Qatari outfits popular among kids? How are their folk costumes different from adult clothes? People often ask questions about kids’ wear in various countries around the world. Let’s look at Qatari folk dress for children. These garments are great because they are much more decorative and ornate than adult traditional costumes, which are rather plain and simple.

As you might already know, the traditional outfits in Qatar are typically not very colorful. The male attire traditionally is white or beige and female black. Of course, these days, other colors of robes are available. But Qatari clothing is always modest and cover a lot of skin – for both men and women.

If to talk about kid folk clothes in Qatar, they are much more colorful and decorative. Children also wear long and loose robes, just like adults, but they are brighter and prettier. Male robe is called “thobe” and female “abaya”. Here are a few examples of such garments.




As you see here, the girl’s abayas are beautiful and colorful. These are red and pink, both adorned with gold embroidery. Also, the red one is embellished with beads, while the pink one with sequins. It is typical to decorate the girl’s robe with gold embroidery and various adornments. You can often encounter such kid dresses.






Qatari girls often wear headdresses, especially older girls. It can be a scarf or a variation of women’s hijab. But these scarves usually are ornate, adorned with gold embroidery. Or it can be a peculiar cap – a kind of jewelry piece. It is made from gold chains, coins, and other elements connected together to form a cap. It looks really beautiful and noble.

The other three outfits are boy’s thobes.

This one is black with a gold decorative border. Similar garments are also used by adult men as a festive or ceremonial attire – the black cloak called “bisht” would be worn on top of a white thobe. The boy’s robe has a stand-up collar and short sleeves. It is complemented with a white embroidered cap called “gahfeya”.





The other two robes are similar. The richly patterned fabric was used to make them. They also have gold-embroidered and braided border.






Another curious item in kid folk costume of Qatar is the curved ceremonial dagger called “khanjar”. Usually, such a dress knife is worn in Yemen, Oman, and the UAE, but Qatari men also sometimes use it. It is worn attached to the belt. It has a very specific shape and the scabbard is typically ornate. Here you can see a white dagger on white belt.



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