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Qatar men ttl So, everybody wants to know what the Qatari «Uniform» is.

First of all, you've got to be fit.
You've got to make sure that your Thobe is nice and fit.
I wish I was fit, but you know.
(Thobe is the traditional Arabian clothing for men (spelled "thobe" or "thaub"). A long tunic).

You're gonna have to make sure that you've got the cufflinks. The matching pen. The matching watch. Some Tamina sandals, and they gotta be Tamina, in my opinion.

You got to have the Ghutra, cobra style, baby (Ghutra is a traditional Arab headdress fashioned from a piece of square cotton cloth, typically worn by Arab men. It can protect from the desert sun. It can shield eyes during a sandstorm).

Qatar men

You've got also to have the Igal with the car keys at the end - just in case you want to whip someone (Igal is a black cord, worn doubled, used to keep the Ghutra in place).

And you know what a lot of people ask me? It was very surprising to me... What do I wear under the Thobe? This is not a kilt! Let me give you a quick peek at what we have.

Qatar men kilt

And that, my dear friends, is the sort of wall that we wear under the Thobe. So, yes, we do wear things under it.

Now just to quickly mention. We've got different colored Thobes. We've got different colored pens. Sometimes we don't wear the cufflinks. Sometimes we wear a black collar. Sometimes we wear the traditional v-shaped collar. Here's many different types of collars. It's all about the detail by the way. So it's the stitching, it's the material we use.

That's why when somebody walks up to you. They try to look at the accessories that you have. They see what cufflinks you're wearing or the belt that you're wearing today. Because the details matter anyway.

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