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Bethlehem avaVarious regions of Palestine have their own unique clothing traditions. Sometimes, the outfits differ radically, in other cases, there is only so much difference. We’d like to show you some photos of the clothing designs, shapes, and ornamentation from several regions of Palestine. Also, you’ll see how Palestinian designers can combine modern fashion tendencies with authentic features and traditional motifs.



pal costumes



Folk dress from Bethlehem area (western part of Palestine)





Traditional attire from Ramallah area (western part of the country)


pal femaledress1



Folk costume from Rafidia region (western part of Palestine)




National dress from Jaffa area (former region of Palestine, that today belongs to Israel)

pal femaledress6



Folk outfit from Jerusalem and Gaza (regions that are in the center of Israeli-Palestinian conflict). A lot of native Palestinians live in this areas and keep their clothing traditions




Traditional costume from Jenin and Tulkarm areas (north-western and western regions of the country)

Jenin and Tulkarm



Modern Palestinian clothes with authentic motifs and patterns

Modern Palestinian costumes

Palestinian girls

Modern Palestinian costumes2


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