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Victorian England avaHave you ever wondered looking at an old black&white portrait how those people looked in real life, how their outfits looked like, what was the color of their hair and eyes? We have, and often. That’s why we’ve prepared for you a collection of vintage photos colorized in modern time. These are portraits from the Victorian era (1837-1901). And these men, women, and kids look so natural after the colorization, so alive, just like on modern photos. Also, you can distinguish their clothing (cuts, patterns, colors, textures, etc.), jewelry pieces, accessories, hairstyles, and so much more.

The photos were colorized by Frederic Duriez

Victorian England1

Victorian England2

Victorian England3

Victorian England4

Victorian England5

Victorian England6

Victorian England7

Victorian England8

Victorian England9

Victorian England10

Victorian England11

Victorian England12

Victorian England13

Victorian England14

Victorian England15

Victorian England16

Victorian England17

Victorian England18

Victorian England19

Victorian England20

Victorian England22

Victorian England21



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