Edwardian Era avaThe Edwardian era is a period in British history from the 1890s to World War I (1914-18). The kids’ fashion during this historic period is marked by natural flowing hairstyles, elegant and delicate outfits, and flowers as a decoration. By the way, for grown-up women, this era was the last time they wore corsets in everyday life. Step by step, the clothing of females, including little girls, transferred from artificial and pompous to natural and flowing. We’ve prepared 21 old photos (though, colorized in modern times) so that you could see for yourself how an Edwardian-era little girl looked like.


Edwardian Era1

Edwardian Era2

Edwardian Era3

Edwardian Era4

Edwardian Era5

Edwardian Era6

Edwardian Era7

Edwardian Era8

Edwardian Era9

Edwardian Era10

Edwardian Era11

Edwardian Era12

Edwardian Era13

Edwardian Era14

Edwardian Era15

Edwardian Era16

Edwardian Era17

Edwardian Era18

Edwardian Era19

Edwardian Era20

Edwardian Era21


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