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Old photos avaThere are lots of conspiracy theories and myths in all areas of life, including fashion, hygiene, relationships, etc. It can be hard to tell what the reality was for earlier periods, but the 19th century is open to our eyes due to the invention of photography. On the photos below, you’ll see the fashion trends and typical appearance of the mid-19th-century men and women in Britain. We think that the most interesting thing about these photos is pretty and elegant female hairstyles. But it’s up to you what details of their appearance to notice and appreciate.

Girl wearing a white chemisette, holding long watch on chain, 1845. Note her pretty hairdo

Old photos1



Charlotte Lockhart, later Mrs. Hope, grand-daughter of Sir Walter Scott, 1846

Old photos2



Couple in winter clothes, 1840s

Old photos3



Portrait of Edgar Allen Poe, taken several months before his death, 1849

Old photos4



Handsome gentleman in late 1840s

Old photos5



James Fillans with his two daughters by Hill and Adamson, 1845

Old photos6



Jane Webster (nee Binny); Justine Gallie (nee Monro); Mrs. Marrable (nee Binny) by Hill and Adamson, 1843-1848

Old photos7



Lady Eastlake by Hill and Adamson, 1843-1848

Old photos8



Lady Elizabeth Theresa Feilding, nee Fox Strangways (1773-1846), early 1840s

Old photos9



Lady Georgina Elizabeth Wharncliffe (nee Ryder), John Stuart-Wortley by David Octavius Hill and Robert Adamson, 1846

Old photos10



Matilda Smith (nee Rigby) by Hill and Adamson, 1843-1848

Old photos11



Miss Elizabeth (Betsy) Etty, daughter of John Etty, by Hill and Adamson, 1844

Old photos12



Miss Kemp by David Octavius Hill and Robert Adamson, 1843-1848

Old photos13



Mother and child in late 1840s

Old photos14



Mrs. Jameson by Hill and Adamson, 1843-1847

Old photos15



Mrs. Rishton (nee McCandlish) by David Octavius Hill and Robert Adamson, 1843-1848

Old photos16



Mrs. Shanker by Hill and Adamson, 1843-1847

Old photos17



Portrait of a beautiful bride, 1840s

Old photos18



Portrait of a gentleman, 1845

Old photos19



Portrait of a lovely couple in early 1840s

Old photos20



Portrait of a woman, 1844

Old photos21



Portrait of Elizabeth, Lady Eastlake (17 November 1809 – 2 October 1893) in early 1840s

Old photos22



Portrait of Miss Dorothy Catherine Draper in 1840

Old photos23



Portrait of Mrs. Isabella Morrison Bell by David Octavius Hill and Robert Adamson, 1843-1848

Old photos24



Portrait of old woman in 1848

Old photos25



Sophia Finlay by David Octavius Hill and Robert Adamson, 1843-1848

Old photos27



Portrait of two young women by Carl Ferdinand Stelzner, 1849

Old photos26



Woman holding a Daguerreotype portrait, late 1840s

Old photos28



Woman with two daughters, 1840s

Old photos29



Young lady in dress, 1840s

Old photos30



Young woman in “bead print” dress, 1845

Old photos31



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