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Greek man avaGreek male costume is very interesting. There are several designs of the costume depending on the region of usage. But the most popular and recognizable around the world Greek outfit includes a skirt-like men’s garment called “fustanella”. Here is an example of the male national costume of Greece. It consists of a shirt, a fustanella (skirt-like male piece), a traditional short jacket with sleeves falling freely over the back, a wide fabric sash, white tights, traditional Greek shoes with large pom-poms called “tsarouchia”, and a fez with a tassel.


Greek man
Greek men’s folk costume. The full set


Greek man2
Short woolen jacket with sleeves falling freely over the back. Back view. The garment is decorated with piping


Greek man3
Front of the shirt and jacket. The shirt is white and plain, the jacket is dark-blue with ornamentation and a row of handmade buttons. You can also see the large tassel of the fez


Greek man4
Front part of the jacket. You’re able to see the ornamentation, row of loops, and red lining fabric. The inside of this folk jacket is red


Greek shoes
Greek male tights, the traditional knee decorations with cord and tassels, and the traditional Greek shoes with large pom-poms called “tsarouchia”




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