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Polissia avaA lot of female folk costumes in Ukraine included an apron. It was a festive piece of clothing, a handy garment that protected the skirt and could be easily washed, an item used for extra warmth in winter – a very multifunctional article of clothes. And every woman tried to make her aprons unique and beautiful – they adorned aprons with embroidery, openwork, prints, woven patterns, etc, and used costly fabrics, like silk and gold-cloth, to make them. Each Ukrainian folk apron is gorgeous, and, luckily, many of them survived to this day. Here are a few examples of authentic aprons from museum collections.

Woven apron from Northern Ukraine, the late 19th century. It is made from hemp cloth and has red woven stripes at the bottom as decoration

Polissia costume3

Polissia costume3 1



Delicate linen apron from North-Western Ukraine. It is pleated and decorated with pretty needlework and openwork at the bottom


Baraniv 3



Modern replica of a striking authentic apron from North-Eastern Ukraine. It is adorned with lovely embroidered design





Hand-woven apron made in carpet-weaving technique from Northern Ukraine. It is very warm and helps to keep the cold away even during the coldest winters. By the way, there are actually two aprons in this outfit – the more layers of clothes a person had, the warmer it was

Winter Polissia3

Winter Polissia2

Winter Polissia6



Simple apron of an older woman, North-Western Ukraine. It has whitework and openwork patterns at the bottom


Baraniv2 3



Pleated woven apron from Northern Ukraine. This apron is called “zapaska”. It is bright red and embellished with a striped pattern. But the most charming feature of it are pleats

Volyn VV1

Volyn VV5



Ornate apron made from brocade fabric, Northern Ukraine. It is pleated and sparkles beautifully in the sun





Simple cotton apron from Western Ukraine, the early 20th century. It is decorated with embroidery and handmade lace border






Magnificent linen apron from North-Western Ukraine. It is embellished with bright-red embroidery and lace border





Traditional apron of a matchmaker at wedding, Northern Ukraine, the late 19th – early 20th century. It is decorated with applique instead of embroidery because several women wore the same outfits and they had to be made quickly and easily





Bright woven apron from Northern Ukraine, the end of the 19th – the beginning of the 20th century. The apron is rather narrow but beautiful and colorful, made in carpet-weaving technique





Multicolored woven apron from Western Ukraine. It sits tightly around the body and is richly adorned with woven patterns





Festive apron from Western Ukraine. It has lovely floral embroidery patterns on it

Ukrainian embroidery77

Ukrainian embroidery77 1



Women’s apron from central Ukraine, the late 19th century. It is decorated with floral embroidery and handmade lace





Bright-yellow woven apron from Northern Ukraine, the late 19th century. It is embellished with a simple but cute pattern



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