Woven towel avaIt’s typical for many Slavic countries to use ceremonial towels (wedding towels, towels framing religious icons, etc). Most often, they are hand-embroidered, but in some regions, people preferred woven towels with rich and bright patterns. Here is a collection of woven ceremonial towels from northern Ukraine, the late 19th – early 20th century. They were woven on vintage weaving looms by skilled artisans and sold out to ordinary Ukrainians. Now, they’re exhibited in a museum.

These vintage ceremonial towels are from Kozelets Museum of the History of Weaving in the Chernihiv Region.

Some of the woven patterns we’re showing in close-ups for you to better distinguish the symbols and designs.

The bright red&white towels often were used as wedding towels. They were called “rushnyk”. The bride and groom stepped on such a towel during the ceremony. Also, a bride could use it as an ornate belt – it’s a sort of an amulet, a way to show off her wealth, and another means to stand out in the crowd, as brides didn’t wear white in the past but just wore more eye-catching, bright, and expensive clothing.


Woven towel1

Woven towel2



Woven towel3

Woven towel4

Woven towel5



Woven towel6

Woven towel7



Woven towel8

Woven towel9

Woven towel10



Woven towel11

Woven towel12

Woven towel13

Woven towel14

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