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manta avaIt’s Christmas time now, the ideal time to remember your traditions and folk culture. This winter is not very harsh and cold, but in the past, winters often were severe and freezing, especially in the northern hemisphere. Also, you must understand that there were no or very few synthetic fabrics 100-150 years ago, so winter outerwear was mostly made from fur, sheepskin, and wool. Here you are a selection of photos that depict Ukrainian vintage winter clothes.


Female sheepskin coat called “kozhukh”. It is warm and heavy. This garment is festive, it is decorated with colorful embroidery

national Ukraine6



Women’s coat called “yupka”. It is a demiseasonal piece because it is made from several layers of fabric (cotton, linen, hemp, wool). Yupka is usually comparatively long, with long sleeves

national Ukraine39



Male woolen coat called “manta”. It is a festive garment, adorned with embroidery and cording. Also, it has a warm hood







Woolen coat with long fur called “hunia”. This one is short and is tied at the front with a cord





Woolen coat called “svyta”. This one is rather simple, without any embellishments, but it looks elegant belted like this and with a beautiful woolen apron

Winter Polissia2

Winter Polissia3

Winter Polissia4



Vintage woolen short jacket. It is tight-fitting and decorated with 4 fasteners at the front. This garment is festive but not as embellished as some winter wear is

Volyn VV2

Volyn VV6



Male woolen outerwear called “chuhania”. It has unique sleeves with long fringe

Costume Lviv31

Costume Lviv45



Long woolen coat. The front is very simple, without any embellishments. And also, there’s no buttons or any other fasteners – this coat was closed one flap over the other and belted. The back of the garment is embellished with colorful yarn pom-poms and, as you see, is composed from several pieces of woolen cloth





Woolen outer garment called “serdak”. It is unisex, worn by both men and women and richly decorated. It has cute yarn pom-pons, usually colorful






Women’s woolen coat with a beautiful pleated skirt. Otherwise, it has a very simple design



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