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Podillia men avaIt is true that Ukrainian museums and private collections have a very limited collection of authentic male embroidered shirts. Usually, such shirts were so worn down that people simply didn’t donate them to museums. So, we’re more than happy to share with you a few extremely beautiful and sophisticated men’s shirts embellished with whitework and other embroidery techniques. They are in mint shape and overwhelm you with their uniqueness and the amount of labor and skill needed to produce such artful pieces of clothes.

The embroidered shirts are exhibited in the Ukrainian national center of folk culture “Ivan Honchar Museum” in Kyiv

These male shirts are from Vinnytsia region (Central Ukraine), the early 20th century.


Podillia men1

Podillia men2

Podillia men2 1


Podillia men3

Podillia men4

Podillia men4 1


Podillia men5

Podillia men6

Podillia men6 1

Podillia men7


Podillia men8

Podillia men9

Podillia men9 1

Podillia men10


Podillia men11

Podillia men12

Podillia men12 1

Podillia men13


Podillia men14

Podillia men15

Podillia men15 1


Podillia men16

Podillia men17

Podillia men17 1

Podillia men18


Podillia men19

Podillia men20

Podillia men20 1

Podillia men21


Podillia men22

Podillia men23

Podillia men23 1

Podillia men24

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