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Couple avaAt the beginning of the 20th century, people in Ukraine still wore folk clothes in day-to-day life, especially women. Mostly, the outfits were handmade, but fabrics were already industrially-made. And the embroidery designs on costumes changed in the 20th century – floral patterns replaced geometric, cross-stitch replaced more authentic stitches. At the same time, Ukrainian men started to wear military uniforms after World War I, which they’d brought from the battlefields. Such outfits were more affordable and cheaper than to produce clothing by yourself. Here are a few photos of authentic costumes and replicas from that era.

The costumes were exhibited in Ukrainian national center of folk culture “Ivan Honchar Museum” and National Military Historical Museum of Ukraine in Kyiv

Couple #1

Couple1 1

Couple1 7

Couple1 8

Couple1 2

Couple1 3

Couple1 4

Couple1 6

Couple1 5

Couple1 9


Couple #2

Couple2 1

Couple2 6

Couple2 4

Couple2 5

Couple2 2

Couple2 3

Couple2 8

Couple2 7

Couple2 9


Couple #3

Couple3 1

Couple3 2

Couple3 6

Couple3 3

Couple3 4

Couple3 5

Couple3 7

Couple3 8

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Every culture has features and peculiarities, familiar only to the people of this nation. And it’s very interesting to learn about traditional clothing from natives. That’s why if you have something to say about your national costume, please, do it using comments. Tell us things which you know about your country’s cultural heritage. Other people will discover something new for them thanks to you.

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