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Art of presenting embroidery avaUkraine treasures its clothing traditions very much. The exhibitions of vintage embroidered garments and folk costumes are often held in this country. In some cases, such exhibitions can be ordinary and even a little dull but there are exceptions. A few days ago Ukraine had an international festival of traditional cultures called “Ethnoworld”. One of the items presented at that event was a collection of vintage embroidered women’s shirts. The pieces themselves were extraordinary but the presentation was even more striking.

Embroidered shirts used for the exposition belong to the collection of Ivan Honchar Museum (Kyiv, Ukraine)


Art of presenting embroidery1

Art of presenting embroidery2



Art of presenting embroidery3

Art of presenting embroidery4



Art of presenting embroidery5

Art of presenting embroidery6



Art of presenting embroidery7

Art of presenting embroidery8



Art of presenting embroidery9

Art of presenting embroidery10



Art of presenting embroidery11

Art of presenting embroidery12



Art of presenting embroidery13

Art of presenting embroidery14



Art of presenting embroidery15

Art of presenting embroidery16

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