kjolsäck avaThese traditional bags are exceptionally cute and handy. They’re attached to the waist, which is convenient, as your hands remain free and you can easily do the chores while carrying various small items in a bag. The bags are always beautifully decorated with embroidery, applique, braiding, pom-pons, etc. This pouch is called “kjolsäck” and it is traditionally used by Swedish women. Here is a great collection of kjolsäck pocket-style bags from The American Swedish Institute.

Photos are from The American Swedish Institute

Women’s kjolsäck bag

kjolsäck1 1

kjolsäck1 2

kjolsäck1 3



Kid’s kjolsäck bag

kjolsäck2 1

kjolsäck2 2



Female kjolsäck bag

kjolsäck3 1

kjolsäck3 2



Kid’s kjolsäck bag. Part of a girl’s folk costume from Rättvik region of Sweden. It is adorned with lovely pom-pons

kjolsäck4 1

kjolsäck4 2



Women’s kjolsäck bag

kjolsäck5 1

kjolsäck5 2



Kjolsäck bag of different design

kjolsäck6 1

kjolsäck6 2

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